Daniel Dantas - Uma visão geral

The first prong of the inquiry, whether the Opportunity defendants transacted any business in New York, is satisfied, based on the Shareholder Agreement as well as the broader transaction establishing and implementing the side-by-side investment structure. First, contrary to the dissent's position, plaintiff alleges that the Shareholder Agreement outlining his compensation was negotiated and executed in New York. The Opportunity defendants look only to plaintiff's elaboration of his personal jurisdiction argument in Annex A of the complaint to support the contention that plaintiff failed to allege that the Shareholder Agreement was negotiated in New York.

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In the late 1990s, Dantas was a fund click here manager for Citigroup and a key figure in the privatization of the telecoms sector. His company controlled Brasil Telecom Participacoes, then one of the country's largest telecoms groups, together with Citigroup (C.

Finally, the Court rejects the Opportunity defendants' contentions that Wilson's motion to compel is frivolous and should be denied outright for failure to attend a meet and confer.

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Last July, Dantas was arrested and indicted for money laundering, tax evasion, and racketeering to embezzle public pension funds in Operation Satiagraha—the country’s largest financial and political corruption case in recent history. Dantas was accused of having used his Opportunity Capital Partners holdings (estimated by Bloomberg to be worth $11.3 billion in 2008) to mastermind a complex money laundering operation that included significant funds in the Cayman Islands and Delaware.

After managing money for a wealthy banker in Rio, Dantas, a PhD in economics, joined with Ferman to found website Opportunity Fund in 1994. It eventually grew into a series of funds that buy companies and manage money for individuals and institutions, as well as their own.

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